AI-Powered Video Creation App at Your Fingertips
Create stunning talking videos
in minutes
Meet Blink Captions, your ultimate app for talking video creation—featuring auto captions, AI video trimming, voice-synced teleprompter recording, and more.
Auto Add
Captions with
Our video caption generator can automatically add accurate and synced captions in 10 different languages for you, significantly saving your post-production time.
Simply select your original language and target language, then click "translate", the translated video is ready for your exporting. We support 17 mainstream languages and dialects.
Auto Zoom
& Highlight
Mark the area you want to stand out in your video and when you want it to pop in the subtitles, and our app will automatically zoom into this area at your specified timing. This is a unique way to draw attention! You can also choose to highlight any part of your captions.
Captions with
200+ Styles
Blink offers a diverse range of styles to choose from. With over 200 font styles, color options, and background choices, you can effortlessly craft a distinctive appearance for your video and enhance your viewers' experience.
Auto Remove
Silence with AI
Experience the cutting-edge of video editing with Blink’s intuitive text-based video editor. By deleting words from the transcribed text, you can effortlessly trim corresponding video and audio segments. Moreover, with just one click, silence can be eliminated, streamlining your video content like never before!
Record Easily with
No need to memorize a script before shooting! With our smart teleprompter, you can read directly from a script while maintaining eye contact with your camera. It listens to your voice and scrolls synchronously with your speed.
Script Writing
Leverage the power of AI for your video scripts with Blink's integrated auto script writing capability. Simply jot down your ideas, and our AI writer swiftly transforms them into polished video scripts.
Add Emojis
Gifs and Sound
Bring personality to your videos with Blink’s extensive library of GIFs, emojis, and sound effects. With just one click, editing your video to make it more engaging has never been easier.
Background in
Change your recording background on the fly with Blink's virtual green screen scenes. Thanks to our cutting-edge Chromakey green screen effects, the need for post-production video editing becomes obsolete. With plenty options ranging from professional offices to cozy living rooms, the only limit to your backgrounds is your imagination!
Elevate Your
Look with Beauty
Get ready to be amazed when you record using Blink's beauty filters! You'll have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of filters to enhance your appearance and showcase the finest version of yourself to your audience.